Clifford Tatum

Project Manager of ACUMEN Research
Centre for Science and Technology Studies
Leiden University, the Netherlands

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Clifford Tatum is project manager of Academic Careers Understood through Measurement and Norms (ACUMEN), at Leiden University - Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS). ACUMEN is a European research collaboration that addresses discrepancies between the broader social and economic functions of scientific and scholarly research in all fields of the sciences, social sciences and the humanities, and the dominant criteria for evaluating performance of individual researchers. Tatum’s PhD research, also at Leiden University, examines the emerging role of openness in conjunction with socio-technological interventions in scholarly communication. When not in Leiden, Tatum can usually be found at the eHumanities Group (KNAW) in Amsterdam, where he is Digital Scholarship Fellow. His current projects with the eHumanities Group include design and development of Enhanced Publication websites for a set of traditionally published books (Semantic WORDS) and a portal interface for diverse eHumanities tools and resources (AlfaLab-Live).


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