This Web site complements the book, Virtual Knowledge, and contains various supplementary materials to the volume. Not all of the sections identified in the left and right-hand columns of this page have been completed; the site is ‘under construction’ and will be worked on by the editors and chapter authors during the coming months. In the event you detect errors or have suggestions for expanding / improving the site, please contact one of the book editors noted below.

Funded by the SURF Foundation’s Enhanced Publication initiative and the eHumanities Group’s Digital Scholarship initiative, this site is among four book-related websites to be released using Semantic WordPress for Digital Scholarship, also know as the Semantic WORDS platform. Central to this effort is the release of a pair of custom plugins developed to introduce traditionally published books to the realm of web-based scholarly communication. The four book Web sites developed to launch this project contain a broad range of features intended to enhance the printed versions of these books, including supplementary resources, visualizations, intertextual linking of content, and formal structuring of content using Semantic Web ontologies.

In the footer of this and the other book-websites, there are linked details about the WordPress configuration, custom plugins, and project team.


Paul Wouters, Anne Beaulieu, Andrea Scharnhorst, and Sally Wyatt
– editors